Department of Public Works and Transportation:

As the largest county agency, the Department of Public Works is responsible for constructing new facilities, maintaining county roads and signals, engineering design, transportation planning, recycling, airport operation, and the county’s transit system.  The agency also has tremendous duties in the areas of construction and land management in the county.  The agency develops and maintains guidelines and regulations concerning storm water management, zoning and road ordinances, and subdivision regulations.  Additionally, the department is responsible for reviewing and approving construction plats and permits, easement agreements, entrance and grading permits, utility permits, and the construction of private and public roads.

St. Mary's County Health Department:

The St. Mary’s County Health Department is responsible for water and sewer activities, conducting percolation tests, soil evaluations, sewage and water inspections and sampling, tidewater evaluations, and several other environmental health processes. 

Land Use and Growth Management:

In their efforts to protect the natural environment and guide orderly growth of the County, Land Use and Growth Management is responsible for creating and administering land management regulations and County Code imposed by the County Commissioners.  The St. Mary’s County Board of Appeals, Planning Commission, and Technical Evaluation Committee all fall under this department as well.  This site contains instructions regarding building permit procedures for various types of structures, the inspection process, building codes and regulations information, and specialized permit requirements, as well as fees and processing information in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  There is also a link that can be used to research permit applications and print related reports.

St. Mary's County Metropolitan Commission (METCOM):

METCOM is responsible for constructing, operating, and maintaining public water supplies and public waste water conveyance and treatment systems in a manner that is sustainable, reliable, economic and safe to the citizens and the environment of St. Mary's County.

Maryland Society of Surveyors
The Maryland Society of Surveyors.

Mehaffey & Associates, P.C.:                            Mehaffey and Associates is responsible for road design, water and sewer design, sand mound designs, and civil and environmental engineering.